“St. Bernard Pilot” – A Character Design Mini-Project. pt 2

…following on from a previous post – “St. Bernard Pilot” – A Character Design Mini-Project. pt 1

So, what next… well, I thought I’d take a look at some of the other characters and creatures that might appear in the visual or subsequent visuals related to the concept surrounding the original character design idea based on the 3 column choices of “Industrial Revolution”, “Himalayas” and “Physician”.

Namely, AThe Tibetan Healers/Monks from the Hidden Temple, B – Some of the other East India Officer/Doctor types, and finally C the Yeti type creature that appears to have attacked the vehicle in the early visuals.

PART A – The Tibetans

x more Tibetans

There is a wealth of reference for these guys both recent and in the form of documentary photographs and cultural and ethnographic descriptions from early outsider visitors to the region through to contemporary film (documentary and entertainment) that shows the everyday clothing and ceremonial dress of (much of which seems not to have changed too radically for a century or so.

x Tibetans 003

I used a little research from all these areas but wanted to add something new into the mix as this was supposed to be showing a people perhaps somewhat isolated from other communities within tibet as they are denizens of a “Hidden Temple”. So perhaps something a little more alien or unusual might be the way to go.

x Tibetan Monks

So I developed a page of thumbnails (above) using simple block shapes and playing with techniques similar to “the lost line method” to create unexpected forms, as explained in the excellent book from Scott Robinson and his then students – The Skillful Huntsman.

Key to the above image:
  • a – Tibetans, Monks, Guards, and Officials
  • b – Ex-pat Soldiers, now residents of the Hidden Temple
  • c – The new arrival (our doctor)
  • d – “St. Bernard pilot” Rescue Team
  • e – Ex-pat Hidden temple resident
  • i > v – I really like these wide high collars and will probably develop these costume designs further.

x seven years in tibet

These last doodles (though not the correct period) where done while watching the movie Seven Years in Tibet, I particularly like the derby hatted chap on mule-back with the umbrella (bottom right).

Part B – More officers of the East India Co.

x East India Types

Above – Explorer/doctor/rescue team types, outdoor costumes. Much of this was done whilst watching Dr Zhivago, which puts it about a hundred years too late (see 1830’s fashions here), but some of the shapes of the hats, scarves and collars might translate.

x Explorer East India Co types 001

Above and Below – Officers/Investors and Agents of the East India Co.

x East India types 002

…and Villain types.

x East India types 003

(NOTE: clearly the aircraft doodles above aren’t part of this development)

Part C – The Yeti.

The design for this elusive but perhaps plot crucial creature is ongoing, as is any development of its role within the concept… beyond its removal of the St. Bernard vehicles arm in the previous sketch concepts of course.

x Yeti 1

I stared with the typical “White Ape”/snow Sasquatch approach found in other similar concepts and was immediately unhappy with its familiarity…

I wanted something a little creepier and so continued to explore adding features from other creatures to a typical upright ape proportion.

x yeti 2

…it becoming very quickly something reminiscent of the Star Wars Wampa (upper right, above).

x yeti 3

…a little more doodling began to add a “Lovecraftian” oddity and “alien-ness” to the creature that I preferred. The asymmetrical arrangement of otherwise spider like eyes on a thinly/mangy furred head, and the mouth tentacles hiding a mouth of spider palps and rows of lamprey like teeth, just added to the oddity.

I particularly liked the way when standing the tentacles might drop into shadow giving the feel of a character in a hood (far top left).

Clearly there is more to do on this.

Next? Further development of the above, some more finished, perhaps colour sketches and rotations of character designs.

~ by hesir on January 7, 2014.

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