Idents & Logos for Entertainment Media pt 001. (WIP)

Aimed at Yr 1 (semester 2) Games and Animation students, but could work across an number of disciplines.

This Mini-brief project sees the student developing a logo/name/vanity card for an Entertainment Media Company (this relates to personal branding exercises that can come later – professional practice etc).

Then taking that logo design and developing it further into an animated logo/ident/brand sting that can be used as an intro or an outro for their media products, whether that is a splash screen for a game or the intro to an animation.

One of the hardest parts of a project like this is getting the students to settle on a company name quickly, thus allowing them enough time to produce the visual and animated development work, and final piece that is the point of the brief.
The preciousness that can ensue when asking a student to come up with a name for “their own” company (or issues surrounding students who want use the same tired moniker they’ve used online for the last six years – let’s face it, we can all be guilty of this -) can be side-stepped by making the name choice a part of an “intro to ideation” techniques session, prior to the ident’ development work.
You can get the students to use the name generator I developed >HERE< (there are existing online alternatives too, but with less potential for personal customisation), the students then learn how to rapidly (and with less agonising over personal decision-making) develop ideas for names to use within their projects.

The Brief:

PART A – Nomenclature

You are to come up with the name for a Production Company based in your specialist area (i.e. Animation or Games Design).

You are NOT to design a logo.

You are NOT to choose a final typeface

You are NOT to produce any design work.

YOU SHOULD describe your process of choosing a name, why have you used the words you have, what do they signify, how might they be interpreted.

Remember your work so far and group and session discussions relating to Semiotics, sign and symbols, and the concept of coding information into creative works (including nomenclature or “the naming of things”)

For those of you who struggle when coming up with names you may find this link useful:

Remember – Research is your friend!

Maybe taking a look at other examples of company names in fields elated to your own (i.e. Animation Companies and Games Production Companies).

Remember at this point the name itself is important, not the style or look that has been layered over that name.

What do the company names below make you think of when you read or hear them said aloud? Do they seem reflective of what you know of the companies themselves?

  • Bad Robot
  • Bad Hat Productions
  • Electronic Arts (EA) Games
  • Naughty Dog Games
  • Mutant Enemy
  • Dreamworks

My colleague and research project collaborator Paul Starkey and I are currently going through this same process, designing a vanity card/logo/ident’ to identify the collaborative projects we are currently working on.

Below you can see the exercise we went through to establish our separate and common interests, to see if this could flag up some common ground for a logo/name that meant something to the both of us.

Paul and Gareth Nomenclature Excercise“Steam~Powered Legend” came out as the clear winner… it covered all the power, steam-engine, cog-driven, and bulky machine aesthetic/imagery we seemed to both be interested in, as well as giving a nod to both our interests in mythology, and also having that optimistic “hero product” ring to it that companies like Les Paul and Harley Davidson seem to engender.

The steam-powered engine also suggested “manufacture” to us, and we wanted to allude to the idea of “making”.

Part B – Signs, Signified, Coder and Decoder

You are to write a 250+ word blog post/formal document describing the meaning of/differences between the terms “Signifers” & “Signified” or “Signs” and “Objects” as explored in the discipline of Semiotics with relevant visual illustrations of your research.

We would be particularly impressed if these where your own examples – Photos/Illustrations/explanatory doodles etc..

Scan 15

Even if they are just simple explanatory diagrams…

Part C – Storyboarding.

Produce evidence of research on your blog looking at STORYBOARDING.

Find examples from various sources: film, game, concepts, advertising and animation to support your research.

Discuss why we do it?

Discuss what information needs to be conveyed in:

  1.  – the images.
  2.  – the accompanying notes.

Discuss the difference between storyboards and traditional illustration.

What skills are transferable between the two, and what elements are not so necessary?

Go to Part 2

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