(Yet another) Quick Game Idea Generator

This game/film/media/scenario generator saves the creatives time working out elaborate back stories and irrelevant game design detail allowing them to get down to the subject area in hand more quickly. It also removes any “inertial issues” to do with preciousness over their game that can sometimes happen when a student decides to develop a game idea they have been toying with for years.

Game Idea Generator: A grid divided into three columns,

    Column 1     –           Column 2         –       Column 3

Genre/Theme   –   A macguffin/Object   –   Location/Setting

Game Idea Generator 2

The above lists aren’t comprehensive obviously, but were enough to generate a range of game/media contexts/ideas…

Students simply draw decisions from the cups and move onto a rapid development of a story/idea from the given parameters, and then into the task in hand; thus circumventing all the indecision related to issues if ambiguity when confronted with too much choice.

Individuals can go on to make lists from a range of ideas they themselves would be happy/comfortable to work with and still find themselves working on outcomes that are surprising and challenging*.


  1. Divide class into small groups (this can be done by drawing cards or rolling dice etc – you can use all choice based decisions done in this way to reinforce the concept of Chance/Alea mechanics in games design)
  2. Get them as a group to draw three slips from the lists above (again reinforcing that they can make their own* lists at a later date), and quickly develop their game concept and give it a name which they have to then pitch to the rest of the class (15-30mins should be enough).
  3. Following this Pitch they should then work on the development of a HUD/GUI that deals with the various aspects of their concept and is in keeping in terms of Design/Graphic Style and Design for the User.
  4. The students in groups then show their finished project (the following week) to the rest of the class for feedback.

I have developed simple idea generators like this before…

>THIS< is a Dice Roll based choice system used to generate Concept Art for Games project parameters…

And >HERE< a name generator that can be used for a range of in game name, and company name ideas and solutions, and perhaps even as the starting point for a game idea based on just a name.

~ by hesir on November 28, 2013.

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