Graphic Design/Illustration – Mini Brief 001 – TANK! (a movie poster)

This simple poster brief can be used in a number of ways, and Illustration and Graphics students of Btec Level and above should be equally able to fulfill the goals and get something out of it.

Linked from – including an interview with Lord Putnam on Film Poster Design.

The brief can be used as a one day icebreaker to introduce the balancing of image and type, as a purely typographic exercise, or extended into a full campaign that includes developing the final design to fit various formats beyond the typical poster/postcard format; i.e. billboards, bus shelters and standees etc.

The Brief: “TANK!”


Tank is the latest all out action movie from (insert film production house/studio here). Starring Jason Statham and Kylie Minogue*

Little is known about the script beyond the stars attached to it, and that it contains a tank of some description and the following tag lines/strap lines released to the press.

  • “Parking Just Ain’t Gonna Be A Problem”.
  • “It’s Kind of A Love Story…”
  • “Somebody Is Gonna Get Hurt!”.
  • “You Might Wanna Get Out Of Their Way!”.

You are asked to develop a poster concept that is designed to be used as a backdrop at press conferences and meetings to raise production funds for this film, with the intention of perhaps going into production as the lead component of the promo campaign at a later date.

The film is being touted as a franchise property and so there may be follow ups to design further linked campaign materials (Tank 2 – “Back On Track” etc).

You might wish to ask your students for several versions of the design in thumbnail form to start, and them following a peer led discussion and show-and-tell, you could finalise a primary and a secondary poster to move forward.

Final designs could be created in Photoshop as full photo collages, as traditionally painted/drawn illustrations or as typography led design in the form of digital or printmaking led typographic design**.

You could even limit the colours your students use to two or three colours plus the white of the paper/substrate.

Designers you and your students might want to look at include:

Saul Bass, Drew Struzan, Olly Moss, Jock, Jason Munn, Jay Ryan, Francesco Francavilla, Tara McPHerson and Matt Ferguson. As well as organisations such as Mondo and Flatstock.

*This is clearly a fictional movie – You can choose your own title and actors and director obviously, I went for a seemingly incongruous team up and the brash one word “Action” title as I thought it might be more fun.

**This could again be extended into a moving/animated type brief.

Oh and you can find some examples I worked up >HERE< if you are interested.


More Creative Briefs and Mini-Briefs can be found in the side bar of this blog.

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