Genre-Doodle prints – Getting ready for #Thoughtbubble

The following works in progress will hopefully be available for purchase from our Iron Shod Ape table at Thoughtbubble this year (November, Leeds), each print will be full digital colour at 420mm x 297mm on card with a matt finish and can be signed or even added to by the artist (namely me).

Post card sized (or A5) versions may be available – Prices to be confirmed (but expect them to be very, very reasonable).

I’ll post other editions as I get them to this stage.

Meanwhile, works in progress include:

Samurai vs. Toy Robots (or, The Robo-Hunters Dream)

The Robo-Hunters - Central Colours xx

Pirates vs. Tentacles (or, I Told You Not To Read Aloud From The Book!)

Pirates Versus Tentacles x

Cowboys vs. Tentacles (or, Yeah, Two More Guys With Guns Should Do It)

Cowboys versus Tentacles x

head over to the Iron-Shod Ape blog for other stuff to be seen at Thoughtbubble.


~ by hesir on August 27, 2013.

One Response to “Genre-Doodle prints – Getting ready for #Thoughtbubble”

  1. […] I had thought to restrict myself to drawing from observation, but a late bus meant I had no real time for any warm up sketching (my observational drawing off the page I’m never really happy with)… festival goers where already beginning to mill about as the street came together and events people opened up, so I made a quick decision and plumped for something more like an extended doodle, pretty much in the vein of my recent spate of Genre Doodles. […]

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