“The Robo-Hunters” (work still in progress)

This was the doodle I’d kept going here and there as I finished my MA work. It was an un-sketched (i.e. not planned thumbnails, purely evolutionary) ramble and allowed me to let go and chill out at the end of the evening or for a few minutes before heading into work in a morning.

Samurai 001z

It was was just for fun…

Samurai 002z

But I might see how it looks coloured up now the inks are done.

Samurai 003z

It might make a nice limited run set of postcards for ThoughtBubble in November.

The Robo-Hunters - Inks Onlyx

So in it goes into the scanner…

The Robo-Hunters - Tonal Work and Tans etc

Simple digital wash applied with areas high lit and low lit, and a range of tans and neutrals applied….

The Robo-Hunters - Central Colours xx

Then a bit of colour…



~ by hesir on August 22, 2013.

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