The Masters Degree (& Show) – All Done and Handed In

So, that’s it…

My Infographic and research work is now up on the walls, and Gamehacker is safely under perspex.

0 0 002

The show as a whole looks great and I’m finally, now, allowed to be pleased with the way my part of it has turned out.

One Last Visual

Final Art for Printers SURVEY INFOGRAPHIC

All Three Years - Games Mnemonic - FINAL

0 0 007

Above and below is the box/packaging I made for the game.

Game Hacker Box Interior

…and below this you can see the game as it undergoes user testing.

0 0 006

I’ll post more images when the show opens.

Special mention for going above and beyond goes to Steve for helping me sort the details out at the eleventh hour. Cheers!

~ by hesir on August 19, 2013.

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