Masters Degree – Plans, Preparation & Content for My Masters Degree Show

Part One a : Internal Requirements

  • An End Of Year Show (with my MA peers)

As odd as it sounds, as part of my Masters (Research as Practice) Degree in “Design”, one of the largest modules revolves around exhibiting work much as a Fine Artist might.

Obviously this sits at odds with the way I’ve worked for the last twenty years of my life as a designer, in which work I’ve produced is rarely seen by the public, more often than not winding up in drawers and plan-chests never to be looked at again once the attraction, exhibition is up an in.

Even the illustration work I have had in exhibitions spaces is not exhibited using this contemporary Fine Art/”White Box” method/affectation. Instead usually being part of a graphic panel or interpretive exhibition graphic.

That said, this condition is no doubt is related to learning outcomes 2 & 4:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to plan, manage, realise and complete a complex and sophisticated final major project.
  2. Present a resolved body of Masters level self-managed and independent creative practice that embodies the systematic application of appropriate research methods.
  3. Analyse, critically reflect upon and evaluate personal work forming, providing an advanced level synthesis of practical, intellectual and professional engagement.
  4. Select, organise and present work effectively for exhibition and dissemination in an appropriate sophisticated form.

As a designer however, I do find LO4 a little contradictory… at least in the simplistic interpretation of the outcome as an end of year show.

LO 4.  Select, organise and present work effectively for exhibition and dissemination in an appropriate sophisticated form.

…could equally suggest the presentation of a Book with no exhibition required at all if that is appropriate for that particular medium/discipline, or to be fair the other more appropriate and much more highly sophisticated forms available (especially considering the materials and technology at the heart of some of the research, and my role as designer/educator) such as the blog itself..

Regardless, planning for this is now underway. And as always (in my case begins with a thumbnail sketch or two).

0 Plan for MA x


  • What I’m Exhibiting ( intended content, ideally ).
  1. Graphic/Infographic Resolution of Results from my Student Survey looking at Reading Habits/Study/Personal Micr-Cultures informing Creative Work – [ ✓ ]
  2. Large Format Infographic/Mnemonic Looking at creating a Visual Overview of the BA in Games Design  – [ ✓ ]
  3. Game Hacker – An educational game concept that has developed from my exploration of alternative, visual teaching tools, in this case a game to help students look at Game Theory and Game Mechanics  – [ ✓  bar the shouting ]
  4. A large Diagram/Map/Infographic showing some of the background research stemming from my study’s diversification (see my symposium for details) after looking at the links between Reading/Empathy/ and Creativity – [ pending/in progress ]
  5. Rough Terrain Chess – An extension of the above Game Theory Teaching Tools, looking specifically at Caillois’ ideas on Ilinx through a simple undulating and player/piece obfuscating chess board layout – [ pending/in progress ]
  6. A Book looking at the various aspects of my study.
  7. Postcards of some of the work – roughly x 50.

For this I will need to allow time for Printing of Visuals (two, possibly three, large format prints), postcards and Brochure (some elements of the design for this falling under my remit) and the manufacture of the Board Pieces, Games Pieces and packaging of the Games.

…and joint (with other MA students)

8.  A Printed Exhibition Brochure – [ pending/in progress ]

…the suggestion below as to the naming of the show and its explanation seemed to be well received by the other MA students, so we pushed on with that in mind.

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 16.22.52

Phil Shakesby went on to design a website extension of this, and developed the logo to be used on the brochure/catalogue.

This visualisation below shows the initial idea for that brochure/catalogue.:

Dasein 001x

9.  A Joint Exhibition Website – developed by Phil Shakesby –  [ in progress ] – See HERE: for current site.

The show itself started out as a search for the right exhibition space, several options where considered by all the MA peer group, and finally we settled on the original space within the Art School foyer.

So… How to accomodate 8 students very different work in this space.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 11.33.06

I did take a look at the early layout of the exhibition, and measured the exhibition space and produced some early visuals using 3D software SketchUp that with my peer group and Steve (technician) and Phil (MA peer and technician) we resolved into the final exhibition space.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 11.32.31

As you can see from this early iteration Kerry and Annemarie’s spaces have now been swapped out and the central island stand been resolved to carry my own and Kerry’s work, phil moving to the far wall where Annemarie’s work previously occupied space. While Sarah’s exhibition space expanded through the interior doors to include a further installation.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 11.32.44

Here you can see us (The MA student peer group – below) using these early plans (above) while on “a walk around” with Steve, the technician for the exhibition…

Steve with the plans

And as a group where we all looked for potential snags and elements that would perhaps need to be changed or compromised.

MA Exhibition Space Walkaround

Since then the show walls have gone up…

Show Going Up

…and we’ve started to look at the show itself. Below is a mock-up printout of my Survey Results Infographic along with early notional elements of my show.

Exhibition in progress 001

In summary, additional personal roles within this final exhibition:

  • Looking at alternative Venues as part of the wider group search for Exhibition Space (tentative).
  • Early Images of Exhibition Design – Sketch – plus Finished Visuals (3D) – Used in Final Layout of Exhibition.
  • Discussion of naming of Show/Ethos for multi-disciplinary Art and Design Show – “Dasein”.
  • Exploratory Design Images for Show Literature etc, inc prep for print.
  • Suggestion of local printer for production of sundry literature.

Part One b : Internal Requirements

Next up, the Academic Writing element of the hand in.

      Module Outcome 3.  Analyse, critically reflect upon and evaluate personal work forming, providing an advanced level synthesis of practical, intellectual and professional engagement.

Statement of Intent – previously completed as part of the opening sessions of this final module of study (see separate post HERE) and as looked at in the Symposium.

x 2 Bound – (pending/in progress)

A Precis – To discuss the work involved in Module 5 in brief, but discussing all salient points of the research and the production of work for exhibition.

x 2 Bound – (pending/in progress)

An Evaluation – Looking at the full two years study, looking back at the development in our practice as related to the research undertaken.

x 2 Bound – (pending/in progress)

Part One C : Additional works wished to be taken into consideration.

1 – Various sundry sketchbook work and developmental imagery.

2 – My Research via my developmental and reflective Blog.

3 – Survey Results – relating to imagery in show, in a folder.

Part 2 : Personal Requirments

To create a body of work that shows the way forward regarding ideas towards my next level of study – Clearly, showing a more focussed area of study.

i.e in order to use to show potential pathways in further study, PhD etc.

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  1. looking good mate, best of luck .

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