Sketch-oramio (Hull) – A Local Comminity Site for Urban Sketchers/Observational Artists – WIP

I had this idea a while back, while walking back from drawing down past the Victoria Dock area of Hull. I’d had my photos accepted on Panoramio in the past, a site that links up to Googles Maps site.

This would be a local endeavor part of a creative and cultural mapping of the city if you will.

Instead of photographs, observational artworks would be sought out. Local (and other) artists could join the site and upload works which would be pinpointed on a map.

Sketch-oramio Mock up Page

In addition to the Geo-located Sketch gallery other relevant community connections could be made.

For example, links to local observational drawing and urban sketch groups large and small, printers who specialise in artist quality, Giclee Prints, Galleries that put shows on for local artists or sell local work, Local education Opportunities that link to the idea of drawing and sketching… along with links to the wider Urban Sketching Communities and Gallery Circuit.

But always putting this city and the local individual artist at the centre. Perhaps eventually rolling out the idea as a franchise product to be sold onto other city communities.

sketch-oramio-mock-up-page 2

This still needs a little work, but I hope to be developing it over the summer.

Any ideas or comments would be welcome.

This creative and cultural mapping of the city is extended and built upon in my second local community site idea of Location, Hull.

~ by hesir on June 7, 2013.

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