Calling all B/Tec & ‘A’ Level New Media Creatives… Still looking for a Web Design/Design for Web Degree?

So? Not settled on a place to do your degree yet? Interested in New Media? Want to be an Animator, a Film-Maker, a Games Designer, a Web and Interactive Media Designer, a Hyper Local News Blogger or a Journalist working with Digital Media?


…try the Hull School of Art & DesignHSAD. New Media Department.


In particular if your want to be a Web Designer, check out the course details of HSAD’s New Media – BA Hons in Web Design.


3 years – Full time

This degree is specifically targeted towards designing for online media in the broadest sense. Emphasis is placed on creative and experimentatal work with extensive use and evaluation of current and future technologies. Study of design and innovation combines academic study with practical activities to develop abilities in creative and analytical thinking.

In Year One a number of key concepts are introduced; information architecture, usability, accessibility, how to identify user needs and meet them, communicate a website’s purpose clearly, have a good intuitive navigation model that communicates scope, and have clear, focused content design. You will experiment with dynamic content and browser-targeted design, designing web sites that adapt to the environments in which they are displayed, ensuring they work successfully on different browser versions and platforms and reinforcing the level of abstraction in designing for an online medium.

In Year Two you will gain a knowledge of the methodology and place of online marketing, user/audience data, accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation. You will undertake exercises in conceptual thinking and “futures” concepts, activities related to professional practice, and will begin to explore your own particular interest and specialism through self-initiated project work.

Year Three is a combination of independent self-initiated practice, and commercially-oriented, client-led practice. You will produce a body of work that reflects your professional directions and ambitions, demonstrating a high level of personal enquiry and critical awareness, an understanding of design and production together with an understanding of the industry.

Student Websites and Client led Projects include this site built with The Hull Museum Service as their client – Civil War Hull

Want to see more? Come see us at Hull School of Art and Design – Come in and chat to our staff about the type of course you are looking for.

Oh, and we also have post graduate courses… including Our new Masters in Creative Practice.


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