Animation/Games Design Mini-Brief – “Bus Stop”

Animation/Games Design Mini-Brief  – “Bus Stop”
This Mini Brief allows opportunity to develop both traditional and progressive digital skills, it provides entertainment media developers the opportunity to explore Ideation, Narrative Development, Environment Design, Prop & Object (inc. Vehicle ) (with Character Design if appropriate).
This kind of project can be used to support your portfolio, and assessable project work.

Task 1

You are asked to find out who Michael Beirut is…?

You are asked to read the short essay – “Why designers can’t think” – by Michael Beirut.

Task 2

You are asked to find information regarding “A Pattern Language” – Christopher Alexander et al.

What does Christopher Alexander tell us about “Bus Stops”?

Task 3

The theme of your short Pre-viz/narrative development exercise is to be “BUS-STOP”.

For the purposes of this brief, a BUS STOP can be interpreted as “any place at which people gather, singly or in numbers, to wait for, board or disembark from a transport system of some kind, regardless of whether that transport is regular or occasional”.

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4


You submission can encompass any genre, any historical timeframe or period, any style, and be delivered in any media (pencil, pen & ink, paint, digital 2D, traditional 3D, Digital 3D, moving image etc.).

But should ideally include:

1 – Preliminary sketches/thumbnails of ideas and thinking/Mood Board of Influences and References

2 – A pre-visualization (PreViz) for a scene/environment/product in the broader scope of a digital/traditional animation/game concept.

Any colour work can be digital or traditional, worked over a scan of the sketchbook drawings & posted to your blog (or saved to CD/Memory Stick), 3D models or in game engine creations should be accessible via flythrough embedded from Youtube or Vimeo to your creative blogs (or saved to CD/Memory Stick) or as jpegs/screengrabs or saved as OBJ or other readable/viewable media without having to open specialist software.

3 – a brief outline of your idea, this can be printed out or left on your blogs but you must submit a link to the post.

Whether a single image, a sequence of images, storyboard or animatic – your project should convey a story or narrative

4 – a list of influences/artists who you have looked at.

should be submitted with examples or their work on your creative blog (or saved to CD/Memory Stick).

We will expect to see all developmental materials, from thumbnails to final image/s. We would expect reflective blog posts detailing a list of influences/artists/creatives who you have looked at during your research and ongoing development phase and how they have influenced your decision-making.

You will be expected to have your work ready for discussion with your tutors on the deadline specified.

This work must be gathered together in a form (design document, blog post, prezi, powerpoint etc.) ready to show without resorting to leafing through loose paper or clicking through folders.

ALL elements of the brief above MUST be evidenced at this discussion.

You have three whole weeks to develop this project. A project that should/COULD be developed to a high level in a single day (bear that in mind when submitting your work, have you evidenced the volume of work expected?).


A Pattern Language by C. Alexander, S. Ishikawa and M. Silverstein (et al) of the Center for Environmental Structure of Berkeley, California. The book is useful for Games and Environment Designers and Animators in that it lists broad descriptions of areas in which/through which we humans move.

The above examples of a Bus Stop show that this transport “drop-off and pick-up point” could be situated anywhere, and not just on a street. It could in fact be a jetty in the swamps of Louisiana where locals catch an airboat to the town, or an elevated walkway and seating pod where people wait to board airships in a far flung Dystopian future.

Availability of the book can be scarce – AMAZON.

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