Comics panel – Work In Progess…

More comic art… Work In Progress towards The Thief (from The Cthulhiad).

Pencils, inks and white (gel pen) highlights

0 0 Tewar - The Thief

Tewar, getting his drink on after a hard days abduction and aggravated assault…

…and some Photoshop shadows.

0 0 Tewar - The Thief cropped

And, what is Tewar holding in his right hand?

Below are the thumbnails done to (very loosely) plan out the composition for the page… they are called thumbnails for a reason, that’s an A5 sketchbook making each rough panel no more than 10mm high.

0 0 Thumbnails for page 3 The Thief

~ by hesir on May 1, 2013.

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