Urban Sketching – Just time for a couple.

Gearing up in the clearer weather yesterday…

Nice to get out and doodle.

The first image is of a typical tomb in the Chanterlands Cemetery, the old part behind Princes Ave.

I’d point out, that if you are going there to draw, don’t go on your own like I did, even in broad daylight, middle of the afternoon, there are some dubious characters about. So go in pairs at least just to be on the safe side. Aside from that, the place is great, some very old and in places broken and abandoned tombstones and statuary. Parts looking like they’ve fell out of a Mignola Hellboy comic.

Urban Sketching - April 3rd 2013

The second drawing done from a much more salubrious spot sat outside Pave on Princes Ave. The sunlight was lovely, as the note on the drawing says, it was the first time this year feeling real heat from the sun…

I’ve added this detail below so you can see the chaotic mark-making in the drawing itself, a lot of it seemingly uncontrolled yet coming together to make something ultimately representational.

0 Chaotic Mark Making

Looking forward to more drawing as the year moves round.

~ by hesir on April 4, 2013.

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