The Making of a Comics page… the long way it seems.

By that I mean, some people (you maybe, and all the professionals out there) might sit and draw it once, maybe ink it, and that’s that… Me? Oh no… I have to worry it to death like a Jack Russel shaking a rat…

Anyway, here goes…

So, dialogue… that;s usually where I start… You can see a rough plot breakdown taking place on the far left, the centre and the far right being the dialogue, just happening on the page… oh and a little image test too.


Then thumbnails, there was probably more than this one… I tend to do lots of these (I’ll ad the others later once I’ve scanned them)… I find this the hardest part of the story telling. It here the pacing happens… I’m always in awe of people who can do this seemingly so effortlessly. Mignola, Oemming etc…

img093 xx

Here’s the page as it first appeared in my sketchbook, pencils only… with the dialogue written in pencil also…

0 Comic Pages - Pencils

…this time around I tried to use a brush pen as part of my process. I’m looking for another, more economical way of drawing and generating pages, as I have a lot to get through and little free time to do it in.

0 - TBOSG - p001 pencils and early inks

Clearly, adding additional processes in doesn’t help… this mock up with all the blacks in I could have perhaps done as a thumbnail… but here it is in all its glory, full size.

0 - TBOSG p001 Blacks Test

Then (here I go again) going back to the start and redrawing all the key frames… this time on a halftone ground.


Then working those up into a final page, adding the dialogue proper in digital form (I would love to hand letter but I don’t think my lettering is consistent enough), here I used the LetterOmatic font…

0 - TBOSG - xxp001 first inked and final

I toned the colour down and tweaked a few areas that looked off in Photoshop and that’s that.

Am I happy with it? Of course not… do I have time to do it again… What do you think?

~ by hesir on April 3, 2013.

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