Drawing Sessions – “Looking at Leonardo” – Part 001

Following on from the excellent Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery Hull, came the “Connect, Create and Engage with Leonardo” workshops.

You can find more about the project HERE: (video – inc intrviews with myself and Vicki Prince from Oresome Jewellery)

I was lucky enough to be asked to work with students from Sirius Academy and Eleven Gallery for a few days to look at the methods and ideas behind Leonardo’s use of drawing as a fundamental part of his work as a creative.

0 0 Leonardo Sketches

The first session was dominated by a look around the exhibition on its last day at the gallery. Then back to learn something about the techniques used by Da Vinci, in which the students could try their hand using chalk, dip pen and ink while observing various natural forms.

0 0 Drawing from Obs Session

I used my new half-tone book to draw examples in as well as just getting stuck into some observational sketching…

0 0 Drawing in the session s 001

Between lectures and teaching I pulled together a number of sketches in chalk, dip pen, brush pen and using my faithful old drawing pens (plus white pencil crayon and white gel-pen).

0 0  Session 003

Following the production of a number of sketches of natural forms we then looked at composition. Discussing the framing of images ready for creating prints in the workshops at Eleven.

0 0 The drawing Session 4z

…plus of course more observational drawing.

0 0 Observational Drawings zz

From the whole set of days, one of my favourite subjects was the small, horned animal skull in the collection of images above.

You can see a detail/close up below.

0 0 Reverse of Sheep or Goat Skull

There’s something about the back of this skull that puts me in mind of Mike Mignola‘s monster designs, like this one on the cover art for Witchfinder.


Oh and talking of skulls, did any of you steampunkers ever tumble across THIS?

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