London Doodles – Urban Sketching

So, Sarah and I ended up in London for the couple of days leading up to this last weekend.

Good to get out and catch up with friends…

I also managed to run off a few five minute and ten minute sketches here and there, not much, but Hey, I’m practicing what I preach…


This was Thursday morning not long after arriving, down Woburn Walk, while grabbing breakfast at a small cafe called Sorrento… opposite which, as it turns out, W.B. Yeats had lived for a time… one of my favourite poets.

0 - Cutty Sark

Friday morning we headed over to Greenwich and had a mooch about the market there, this was done alongside the Cutty Sark looking back the way we’d come and at the financial district, and Canary Wharf.


…Looking down the Thames from Hay’s Galleria towards the southern end of Tower Bridge.


This was probably the longest sketch of the day, roughed out while the others had coffee to get warm. St. Paul’s Cathedral, drawn from the Southbank, outside a Costa close to the OXO towers building.


Then one last five minute flinging of ink… from a round the same spot, just up hard against the waterside, looking back down the river towards all that new building near” The Gherkin”.



Sarah and I, down on the Southbank opposite Westminster, beneath The Eye.


Sarah, Andrew and Damian beneath The Shard, London Bridge Station. Then Sarah at The Navigator, and Trafalgar Square…

~ by hesir on April 2, 2013.

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