Iron-Shod Ape at ThoughtBubble 2012 – a quick look back

Iron-Shod Ape is Andrew Segal, Damian Street & Gareth Sleightholme’s first ThoughtBubble Comics Con’ collaboration (we attended in November 2012), showcasing some of their works in progress, mini comics, art and creative portfolios.

We posted this image below way back in the summer of 2012 –

Since then we attended…

And had a great deal of fun talking to other creatives, Seeing some great new work and of course showcasing and selling our own stuff: Even shipping books to comics retailers elsewhere after the event.

IronShod Ape’s debut featured amongst other projects:

“Departure Gates” a comic by by Andrew Segal (Writing) and Damian Street (Art) and “The Cthulhiad” – an ongoing comics and prose project by Gareth Sleightholme /hesir (Writing/Art).

Find out more about Andrew Segal at his Blog, or over at the Iron Shod Ape official Blog.

We were hoping to make it to this years event, but those tables sold out really fast (2 hours)… I’d still like to go (Fegredo and Darrow are going to be there and possibly McQue!!! Dagnabbit!!! ), so if anyone hears of a table going spare, let us know. My contact details are on the Sticky at the top of the blog.

~ by hesir on March 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Iron-Shod Ape at ThoughtBubble 2012 – a quick look back”

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