New Chess Set – Designed by Daniel Weil (+ plus some chess board talk by me)

Over at Design Week they just announced that Pentagram‘s Daniel Weil has redesigned the official, World Chess, chess set, created specifically to be used at the World Chess Candidates Tournament in London.

The design of the new set itself is rooted in classical architecture, as was its predecessor Nathanial Cook‘s Staunton set. Weil’s design goes further however, also looking at packaging and the environmental space of the tournament.

0 Chess


I wonder what they would make of this board to play it on instead? “Rough Terrain Chess”, so much for providing “visibility for the pieces throughout the game“.

0 Rough Terrain Chess 001 x

The idea behind this stemmed from number 4 of Caillois’ Four Play FormsIlinx, – from the Greek For “Whirlpool”, or vertigo, in the sense of perception altering elements to games, for example the game where you spin around a cricket wicket with your head touching it and then try to run in a straight line, blind mans bluff, the “drunken”, unresponsive controls in the bar once a drink is bought in the digital game Red Dead Redemption. Here designed to show students that disorientation can be achieved even by the simplest alteration to the norm or even sight lines in this case. The altered or obfuscated viewpoints attempting to mimic the “fog of war” evident in this emphasised 3D version of chess. Perhaps not the purest form of Ilinx, but certainly related.

These sketches will eventually turn into something more tangible I hope.

0 Rough Terrain Chess Sketches

Originally part of the appendices on a post on my Game Hacker project.

~ by hesir on March 21, 2013.

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