Hull Urban Sketchers – Performance and Urban Sketching, 2013.

Well, its getting around to that time of year again…

We seemed to have shaken off the icy shackles of winter for a while there, but despite this slight return to blizzards-ville, the sun is drawing us (no pun intended) out and back into the parks and “peopley” places again…

img041 x

With that, and my new sketchbook in tow at the February Scratch Theatre night,

0 IMAG6566

I was reminded of a couple of things we did a while back… prompted by this great post over on the site – Performance Sketching…

1 – …was the great night we had at the Making Marks Exhibition way back in Sepember 2011 – Dom Li and others captured some of the nights activities here.

2 – the exhibition of our drawings (amongst other works) over at Eleven.

and more recently…

3 – The fun gig we did with Dave Windass and the Euphoria Play team…

So with all that in mind, I’m looking forward to a new open season on the views, architecture and people of the city of Kingston-Upon-Hull as we begin Urban Sketching again…

Useful Sites? –, Hull Urban Sketchers

Books and things I’ve been looking at in relation to all this? – The Art of Urban Sketching

0 a Urban Sketching IMAG6586

And on that subject I’d just like to give a nod to local artist Tom Harland who painted this amazing image of Hull’s Old Town… stunning.

See you in and around the city.

~ by hesir on March 11, 2013.

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