Blogging and Academia, can it be “an important component of a scholar’s profile”?

Larson, Keith W “Academics and universities should embrace blogging as a vital tool of academic communication and impact”.

Last summer in a blog post for the London School of Economics and Political Science, Geoff Maslen explored the world of academic blogging and suggested that there was a growing community of bloggers “who see their online forums as optimal places to test their ideas, advertise their research and constructively interact with the wider world”.

In the same article another scholar goes on to say “…institutions of high education ought to start recognising such work as an important component of a scholar’s profile.”

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With regard to detractors, and those that feel that this attitude, or delivering of academic thoughts globally, and more importantly for some, outside the accepted track of peer review through journals and online repositories of academic texts (particularly those with a pay to view policy) it would be worth remembering THIS MAN.

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