“Board Game” Mini-Project – Creative Briefs

Also referenced as Additional Assignment Brief: ‘ADAPTATION – Board Game’.

This brief has been used as a quick opener project to support larger Games Design projects – As well as “gauge” project for use with interviewees at HE Level Games Design – …and a taster project for use with “work experience” students from schools visiting our HE environment (with success).

It deals with Game Play, Game Mechanics and to some extent Game Theory as well as simple asset creation, and can be expanded or simplified as needed to fit the user.



In this project we will ask you to consider the adaptation of an existing entertainment media product into a mini board game.

Your origin product could be a story, novel, or an original performance event, opera, stage play, song (or album concept), historic event or myth, radio-play, film (live action) or animation (other media will be considered in consultation with your tutors).

Board Game

You will research your chosen themes and ideas (see post on the Design Process) and make notes in your “day book/sketchbook”; these development ideas will be part of your submission.

You will need to fully research the idea, story or theme taken from an existing media product in order to understand fully the various elements that will need to be adapted or designed.

You also may wish to explore and research existing or prior examples of such adaptations from one media to another that you feel have been successful and alternatively any you feel have failed, making notes and visuals to support your opinions in your “day books”, as well as looking at the mechanics of various.

Submission of Work:

The submission of work will be in the form your (tangible) finished and playable game (this can be hand rendered on card or paper, but printed versions would look more professional), a sketchbook or daybook with all your developmental ideas, drawings, notes and tests and a disk or memory stick with all (if any) digital files including a short written summary of your process and intention (i.e. a self-appraisal).

Suggested Reading & Resources:



Magazines: Create Online, Computer Arts, Digit, Creative Review, ImagineFX etc


The module reflects upon current industrial practice in terms of working methods and specific commercial client-led requirements (i.e. working to specification and deadline), as well as developing ideas related to Gameplay, Game Theory and Game Mechanics.

Teaching & Learning Method:

This module can be carried out independently, away from the college facilities as a form of initial assessment of the students current level of learning and commitment, or under supervision as a day/two day project.


The project will be assessed at an informal interview/Group Crit’.

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