Fantasy Casting #1 – The Sandman (part 1)

A “just for fun” mock-up – Pencilled concept, Tim Roth & Benedict Cumberbatch as Constantine and Morpheus respectively… following on from a conversation/debate on Facebook.

Anyway, from Book One here’s my first two definite choices.

byrhugAnd a quick Photoshop version of the same…

Tim Roth & Benedict Cumberbatch

Apologies to all concerned… but these two look great in this get up.

Anyway, here’s a more comprehensive casting list…

Sandman/Morpheus – Benedict Cumberbatch (see above)

Roderick Burgess – Patrick Stewart

Alex Burgess – Guy Pearce

Cain – Simon Pegg

Abel – Nick Frost

Lucien – Matt Frewer

The Hecateae (Preludes & Nocturns incarnation):
Mother –
Daughter – Christina Hendricks
Chrone –

The Etrigan (voice only, CGI) – Ray Winstone

Nada –

Lucifer – Michael Fassbender

Choronzon – Christopher Walken (+CGI?)

John Constantine – Tim Roth (see above)

Mad Hettie – Kathy Burke

Martian Manhunter – Brian Thompson (with a little CGI?)

Doctor Destiny – Brad Dourif

Death – Pauley Perrette

Kai’ckul (Morpheus) – Seal

Desire – Ben Barnes & Kate Beckinsale

Despair – CGI?

Destiny – Lance Henrickson

Remiel – Simon Baker Denny

The Cluracan – Rys Ifans

Nuala – Hayley McFarland

Destruction – Tom Hardy or Jeff Bridges

~ by hesir on January 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Fantasy Casting #1 – The Sandman (part 1)”

  1. Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god – that is the most perfect casting ever, and I never would even have thought of it.

    Even the full list I completely agree with regarding the actors I know (I shall have to go IMDB the rest 😉 )

    Now all we need is control of reality so we can make it happen. Oh man….. I medically need this to happen :/

  2. I’ve traditionally liked Callum Keith Rennie for Constantine stand-ins (alas, he lacks the accent), but your Tim Roth is inspired. Beautiful work, truly.

    • Oh yeah, I see what you mean with CKR, I think I tend to discount American actors due to him being a Liverpudlian who grew up in London…

      I’d previously always favoured the younger (pre Bond, Our Friends In The North era) Daniel Craig… but he’s to buffed and iconic now… Roth has the twitchy, slobbish edge. – laughs.

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