…Reworked Board for Drawing Game.

…a retouched version of the board game with arrows showing the primary pathway through the game.

Board Game of Drawing 00 - FINAL FOR PRINT (small)…plus an explanation of the Atelier Learning Method overlay (mid, top left).

This final board now exists as a physical board, along with game pieces, drawing pads, spinner/dreidels etc..

New version of the board

There is also now also a fixed Rule Sheet. It is my intention to fix the final simplified rules into the game board itself (or if need be on the reverse).


Beyond these considerations and any amendments through further testing I also intend to overlay examples of sketching and drawing over the basic flat colours of the board (below).

Board Game of Drawing 00 - FINAL FOR PRINT (small - detail with sketches)


~ by hesir on January 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “…Reworked Board for Drawing Game.”

  1. […] Another board game encourages students to become confident with the basics of drawing, and developing their draughtsmanship. I like students to look at the whole journey of developing a skill such as drawing, making mistakes included, which is difficult because they tend to focus heavily on each individual drawing they do. This encourages them to draw from real life and not worry too much about what they’re drawing. […]

  2. […] Drawing  – a visual Guide. […]

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