Edge Magazine’s End of 2012 Award Round Up… a round down.

If you want to see what one of the more erudite and informed magazines on the subject of Interactive Tech and Games development has to say about the years gaming offerings, perhaps catch up on some things you’ve missed, just get your self over to Edge Magazine’s End of 2012 Award Round Up

Meanwhile, I thought I’d shortcut the process a little with my own bias and scout through THEIR list myself and pick MY top FOUR moments from within that… (see how we spiral into redefining meta-loops, do you see? Internet Remoras that we are…)

So skipping straight past their mainstream fave at number 10 to their number 9 placing

I loved both the look and premise of this game from developer Thatgamecompany

I guess it put me in mind of ICO – the same game makers that created Shadow of Colossus and the ill fated The Last Guardian (drops to knees and waves fist at the heavens…”WHY!”)

The seeming obsession on the part of the developers with empathy as the primary co-op behaviour appealed to some of my changing sensibilities beyond gaming.

JOURNEY – warning some of the links and video links may contain SPOILERS.

Watch Game Informer editors Jeff Cork, Matthew Kato discuss the game with Dan Ryckert HERE:

Format PS3 – Publisher SCE – Developer Thatgamecompany

So, once again jumping ahead and moving past Edge’s number 8 choicenumber 7, number 6, and through to this at number 5.

Terry Cavanagh‘s latest game puts me in mind of a frenetic elaboration of those skull swelling Wii games like Big Brain Academy’s “Which Is The Same” though perhaps more of the experimental/retro, just damned “alternate-universe stylish” looking challenge of Kokoromi‘s SUPER HYPERCUBE, which if you’ve not seen check out these links via Renaud Bédard’s blog.

Super Hypercube is probably similar on many levels to a totally stripped down obstacle laden racer, just de-packaged in classic “Who”-titles bashing, hypnotic-trance inducing, geometric feedback loop of raw gaming with no graphic fluff.

Great to see something so left of field in there…

I’m not a racing game fan per se but seeing this title in here at number 4 made me hunt around a little for what made it so popular with the reviewers and the fans and it was worth doing if only for this video review from back in April where Chris Watters and Tyler Winegarner from GameSpot took a look at some of the Mod’ed levels.

Here’s what they found – well worth a watch, some clever ideas relating to gameplay, physics and generally messing with gamers heads, by combining and creating hybrids of existing ideas floating around in here.

Official Site – http://www.redlynx.com/trials-evolution

More skipping, this time past number 3, with a brief pause at number 2 to take a look at the only old-school platformer in the list (and this high up!), despite it’s IP lawyer baiting, Lucas-Hero snaffling protagonist this seems like a fun a rewarding enterprise. Northernlions review BELOW will give you the gist (though he does use some of those words you cant use on television – unless you’re HBO – so be careful out there, I know how sensitive you are).

I liked some of the irreverence of the gameplay elements, especially those that revolve around the demise of the characters via various traps, the randomly generated levels would be something interesting to look at further regarding development interest. Overall it put me in mind of (despite stylistic differences) the similarly quirky Cletus Clay, but it’s retro arcade feel lacks the sophisticated atmosphere that I admire in neo-arcade platformers/sidescrollers like Playdead’s Limbo.

Which brings us to Edge’s number 1.

Ah hell, I’ll leave you to look that one up.

But while we’re on the subject of games and Edge, I found these interesting:

Free To Play Ben Maxwell

Pink Versus Blue 1Giordano Bruno Contestabile

Pink Versus Blue 2 Edge Staff

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