One ring to rule them all…

I’m sorry guys but it seems right for Warner Bros to be sued over the LOTR (online) Slot Machines.

I remember reading the books when I was in my early twenties, and despite being a typically cynical young man the books moved me with there (somewhat old fashioned) tales of brotherhood, and the search for an inner peace.

The films echoed that, their creative teams trying to appeal to fans of the books, who no doubt like myself and others succumbed to Tolkien’s moral tale that raised up the idea of brotherhood and “humanness” over avarice and greed.

Then comes the merchandising parade (oh, George, you have a lot to answer for…)

All the fake tattoos, and character photo emblazoned mugs are one thing, but a item that tries to encourage gambling smacks of a plot to “corrupt the hearts and minds of men”.

This idiotic greed is reflective of stereotypical marketing types and clearly shows the distance between those departments and the old school creatives who went out of their way to shape an “authentic” adaption in the spirit of the highly moral original tale.

Like JRR’s elves being turned and twisted into their dark reflection by the dark lord, the, at times excellent, merchandise (some with real credibility; extended editions with making of’s, beautiful photo and design books etc) has here overstepped the mark, becoming part of a ‘Sauron’ic plot to do no less than “corrupt the hearts and minds of men (or insert actual demographic of online gamblers here)”.

The one ring to rule them all clearly remains the ring of the cash till…

(and that might even include those who sue for profit, the inkling will be rolling in his grave no doubt)

~ by hesir on November 21, 2012.

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