Games Design – Pre-Blocking your Level – Design Process

Just a quick production visual done whilst discussing pre-production techniques with a games student who wishes to move into Environment Design.

Before getting down to pencil layouts of a level a quick sketchup model in which you throw all the basic elements of the brief can help visualise what you need to detail further, or lend ideas for obstacles and aids to player game-play.
In this case, a shanty town on the edge of a city in the Indian sub-Continent/South Asia. The basic elements being The Shanty Town itself, the Hill it situated on, a Modern Flyover, A Train that splits the level and acts as an in game barrier, and some war-torn, part destroyed building in which the goal is hidden.

I think creating this simple visual helps keep you on target regarding the simplicity of a level’s basic structure and/or a tool (something to scribble over) to evaluate further game-play elements, additions etc.

Model built in SketchUp, finishes in Photoshop.

Apologies for the uncredited ref (this is not a client facing document, simply an internal/personal ref sheet).

~ by hesir on November 6, 2012.

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