Fragile, hubris filled things…

“The humans… the humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the earth, and for what? Parking lots? Shopping malls? Greed had burned a hole in their hearts that will never be filled! They will never have enough!”

So said an angry, yet clearly un-blinkered character* in a film inspired by characters from one of my all time favourite artist/writer/creatives.

“Sit *down*, proud, empty, hollow things that you are!”

Fragile, hubris filled things…

…sit down and I’ll tell you some stories…

1 – “How human beings almost vanished from the earth…” via the excellent @BrainPicker by Maria Popova

…and then read these, and “Let this remind you why you once feared the dark.”

2 – Zoonosis & Zoonotic transmission – something I originally read about in National Geographic, that article ended with the interviewer asking “So? What next… I guess you look into this a little deeper…”, “No, there’s no more funding at the minute,” responded the scientist…

(cue chugging chords to Tool’s “Aenima”)

I guess that funding is being spent on Car Parks and Shopping Malls…

“Fret for your figure and
Fret for your latte and
Fret for your lawsuit and
Fret for your hairpiece and
Fret for your Prozac and
Fret for your pilot and
Fret for your contract and
Fret for your car.”

Don’t look up for comfort.

Just remember what you are and on what you are standing… and all the other unimportant trivial stuff flinging itself around the universe every moment of every day of the rest of your tax/Bond House reparation/Bank and Arms Trade subsidy/GDP generating lives…

In conclusion… Y’know… For all of your various and colourful Gods sakes, as well as your own, why not… just try a little harder to love each other; and for everyone’s sake, teach your kids to read!

* Prince Nuada – Hellboy II

~ by hesir on October 23, 2012.

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