SF Concept Art created over photographs – after Jock

For this simple session I showed students how to overlay additional information over an existing cityscape, here taken from (Google Maps), the view down Anlaby Road, Hull, looking towards the Hull Royal Hospital.

…again this is just something generated within the parameters of a single session so you’ll forgive its unfinished state, the whole thing would need more details adding to blend the new imagery with the old, and get the detailing to a believable level…

The crazy colours in the original don’t help, take a look at the whole shebang reduced to Greys and Black and Whites. Much better.

Plus foreground additions…

This all came about after seeing (Mark Simpson) Jock‘s early Jo’berg tests for his Concept work for Dredd on Twitter Here:

Follow Jock on Twitter here – @jock4twenty

~ by hesir on October 18, 2012.

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