The Indian Fighter – Pages 22 & 23, plus sketches…

So… some more pages,

First an amendment… I’ve changed page 19, I just didn’t like it, not sure exactly why… but it wasn’t right.

…original iteration on the left, test (if slightly cartoony) composition on the right.

So I rejigged the composition…

Page 19

Then, back to the new stuff…

Page 22

Page 23

You can read the whole thing from rejigged cover to this page above in a nice scroll-y format here:

The following sketches are works in progress for page 24…

More Coming Soon…

No really… I’m working okay…

~ by hesir on September 6, 2012.

One Response to “The Indian Fighter – Pages 22 & 23, plus sketches…”

  1. I’m impressed by the speed and quality of this one, got to get it printed mid/late October for Thought Bubble..And Must remember to back it all up!

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