The Indian Fighter – Comic – pages 16 > 21 – WIP (sketch pages)

Okay, so more layouts and sketch renderings of the pages for the comic I’m hoping to have ready for November and ThoughtBubble.

Check out the whole thing over HERE:

This sequence continues from the previous post where our gang of ne’er-do-well roughnecks ride into town to ask about the robbery and the people they’ve been sent to hunt down.

Page 16.

…the harridans and overbearing women where fun to draw here…

Page 17

Page 18

There’s an alternative sketch for this page at the end of the post…

Page 19

Page 20

…probably the quickest sketch to date, literally 5 minutes.

…and the longest.

This is the whorehouse I spent most of the Bank Holiday Monday just gone drawing… My life is so glamourous.

Page 21

…to be honest, I had a lot of fun drawing this one out. I’d planned to have the girls heckling the guys on horseback from several views and closer in, but this seemed enough, and didn’t detract from the “punch-line” in the text…

Below are some pages as they fell in my sketchbooks, including an alt’ unused layout for page 18.

…and this (below) my favourite drawing I think so far, in its raw state.

~ by hesir on August 28, 2012.

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