Hull Urban Sketchers – Wednesday 15th August – Down by the Water…

So Wednesday with the Hull Urban Sketchers took us to the waterside by the Deep, I got there early-ish and so stopped short of crossing the bridge over the tidal gate for my first sketch, on the River Hull itself just before it empties into the Humber Estuary.

This tucked away sculpture installation was created using the face casts of the Nyatlick “Esquimaux”, Memiadluk and Uckaluk, who where brought to England in 1847 aboard the ex-privateer, whaler and “wine ship”, The Truelove.

Considering it was the first sketch of the day I was pretty pleased with it, especially the capture of the gull against the dark of the water, to the left and down from the cast heads.

From there its a short walk up to The Deep and while waiting I roughed out a quick sketch looking West up the Humber Estuary towards the Humber Bridge.

…and another back down looking towards the ferry terminal and our days destination.

As there was only three of us that day we decided to skip the Deep interiors we’d dealt with that on a previous occasion last summer… On the way down I’d been talking about how this part of Hull, Victoria Docks, now looks, especially in bright sunshine, a little like the west coast images you see of the USA, very unlike Hull in fact.

The two illustrations below show that I think, my sketches of the trees could be mistaken for Californian Palms… Oh, and yeah, That’s Dom in the image below, struggling not to let his “widescreen sketchbook” take off in the blustery gale that sprang upon us at certain point along the way…

That top image is a bit of a cheat actually, I’ve added two sketches together in Photoshop, to give the full image of the waterside, I’ve added the original sketchbook page below to show I did do the drawings while out there, the parts that where added together later are seen with the loop of red around them.

A little bit further down from Victoria Dock are parts of an old wooden boat (Old-tubs? Corn Cobs?) buried in the silt…

My sketchbook really didn’t allow me to get my teeth into the drawings, everything is so incredibly widescreen down here… Below, you can see the two images from my sketchbook page above stitched together to show the full panoramic.

No really, Dom’s idea to bring his super-widescreen sketchbook was well considered… but even that wasn’t enough…

The “bird cage” (I’m not sure if this is what its called anymore as I can find no reference to it anywhere) isn’t too bad to draw from here (the promenade by the park, at the very tip of Corinthian Way)… it fits on the page at least.

As I was setting this drawing up I noticed that there were birds flying low in front of the wooden structure, they blazed bright white in the sun and so I decided to start with them, just quick gestures of them and then built up the drawing from there… you can see them in the detail of the scan below the original.

If you are wondering where this is, type “Corinthian Way” & “Hull” into Google Maps (you’ll need “Satellite” info on), you’ll see the massive structure sitting in the water to the bottom left of the screen…

I tried it again, starting the image smaller on the page, but still struggled to get it all on there…

Every drawing just felt cramped and claustrophobic by comparison to what I was really seeing… which felt more like this (below):

I talked with Dom about perhaps trying to do some drawing up here again, but cutting some paper that might capture the real spirit of the place by drawing the full length of it… Something like this perhaps.

Well, after that, it was starting to look a bit grim over the water… the sun was still beating down pretty hard, but for how long.

I’d been caught out here before in the rain and there is absolutely no shelter anywhere… So we headed back into town for a swift pint at the Sailmakers on High Street, and while waiting for the rain to stop I doodled this image out.

The final sketch of the day was done passing time waiting for Sarah to finish work.

The view it taken looking from the doorway of the (now closed its seems) Eagle pub on Anlaby Road where it meets Coltman Street, looking towards Hull Royal and “town”…

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