Hull Urban Sketchers – Saturday 18th August – 2012 – Princes Ave’

So, back to Princes Avenue… I had hoped to get down to Spring Bank really early this morning in order to try and get some drawings of the guys at the grocery stores down there who like to sit, smoke and shoot the breeze, old school European style, on mismatched chairs while haggling with customers.
Alas, I was up a little late. I did however miss a great opportunity to grab a sketch of the Fruit guy with arms full of Watermelons loading up the front of his store, I guess thats one for the old memory drive for later.

So, after that first disappointment I headed back to Princes Ave, and met Dom who was already dug in to a drawing in the yard of the Zoo.

I moved a bit further down the street and tried a capture of what seemed like an easy and quirky image of the trainers slung over the branches of the tree outside Pave… the buildings next door had one of the old windows open too and the whole scene was just perfect in my head, on paper, it just didn’t bite.

I let it fizzle out, tried once more and then gave up…

Perhaps it was going to be one of those days…

But then I saw this scene outside Pauline’s, opposite the Linnet & Lark… things being removed from a shop, one that many people knew, it’s been part of the scene of the avenues for many years, and seeing the various items being loaded into a removal van I settled in and drew this rather melancholy but somewhat more successful sketch (EDIT – 21st Aug – It turns out that things were not been removed from the shop, but instead it was the tenant of the flat above that was moving – still a little melancholy).

After that, the Linnet had just opened its doors, and so with a pint on the table next to me I threw down a sketch of The Church on the Way, the Linnet’s neighbour…

Later I added some colour in PhotoShop later on… just adding to the impression that this is definitely a related drawing to the one I did of the Church on Spring Street as part of “The Tops of Things” last September.

By this time I’d been joined at the table by a other Urban Sketchers and though Dom and I had discussed drawing vehicles earlier I hadn’t bothered until this point.

It was really just an exercise in drawing, there’s rarely any beauty or element of the sublime in these sketches, “does it look like a car?”, “yes?”, “that then, is enough”… should I need a drawing of a car at a later date, lessons learned here will come into play.

Below the car, a scrappy rendition of the Church further down the street beside ArtLink.

I snuck a couple of drawings of the denizens of the Linnet, mostly “footy fans”, engaged in the dissection and theoretical rearrangement of the participants and other minutia of their chosen hobby (I’m sorry), as well as setting back the belief in a world without bigotry and general goodwill to our fellow man by a good few decades, this was why I’d bypassed the Zoo for crying out loud!

Regardless I like my drawing of the little cafe over by Thoresby Street and the guy on the scooter was great, I’d have liked to have got a much better drawing of him…

So, we finished our beers and headed down to the park, to people and dog watch for a while until it began to rain…

…after which we went our separate ways.

I did manage to get one more sketch in.

Probably my favourite after the image of Pauline’s. The GoodFellowship, on Cottingham Road.

If you look carefully you can see Sarah waiting patiently for me to finish throwing down the last ragged lines of this sketch, drawn from the beer garden out front of a pub that I am definitely going to draw again sometime.

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