Live Painting… Okaaay!… So what to do?

I’m going to be Live Painting on an 8 x 4′ board (that’s 1220mm x 2440mm for those of you who don’t cross measurement streams) at Saturdays Humber Street Sesh.

Outside East Riding growers old warehouse (below).

Aaaa… and… I’m at a loss; whether to wing it on the day, or do something based on a rough sketch… I guess I won’t truly know the answer until I start on that morning, but I’m nervous… the other guys I’m painting alongside are pretty experienced at this sort of thing…

I’ve not done anything like this for some time…

I’m doodling furiously in my sketchbooks though… Cats?!??!!!! Lots of cats…

I’m not sure what all these cats are doing here… Probably because I was drawing cats a few nights ago… and because I’ve got the excellent work by Herakut in my head while I think of large format illustration/graffiti…

If you’ve not seen their work check out their book – The Perfect Merge…

Anyway, I’m thinking maybe of stuff like this I guess…

How close to this the work on Saturday will be I don’t know…

…fingers crossed!


~ by hesir on August 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Live Painting… Okaaay!… So what to do?”

  1. I may have to pop along for a look. Post some pics after anyway, I’m sure it will be brilliant x

  2. Hi

    Did you ever sell the painting you did at the sesh street festival?

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