Hull Urban Sketchers – Saturday Last, and other opportunities…

Photo – Dave (DaveySpeedstar) Harding

So, last Saturday saw me out in Trinity Square with the other Hull Urban Sketchers… The Hull Trinity Music Festival was on, and as well as music the Square had Market Stalls dotted about and plenty of that great Street cafe vibe… plenty of subjects for the pen…

…an accurate depiction of the upper part of that tower eluding me again.

I was very happy with some of my doodles of the Market Stalls and some of the Traders and customers…

After walking over chatting, noodling on Emily’s guitar a bit, I drew Em (of Em’s Hems – Trinity Indoor Market) as she practiced for the Battle of the Buskers final later that day…

Then it was into Trinity Church itself to draw some of the great and strange carvings… Music was playing inside to, which I tracked down to Keith… playing renaissance pieces on his classical guitar.

Keith’s empty chair (on a break) offered up a chance for a simple composition piece (additional colour done later – added in PhotoShop).

After that it was lunch… and I drew a few sketches up on the balcony where Sarah and I ate…

..and more doodles (and drinks) afterwards back at Kings in the square, with friends (Matt Guy, Emily and Martin) and the occasional Stilt-walker.

A fairly good haul of doodles… and it’s fun to see the myself turn up in the sketches of the others too… namely;

 Chris Wood …                   &                          Dom Li


Then yesterday evening, in the five minutes while waiting for a cab I ran off a quick doodle of a kid on a bike, parked up and texting furiously, behind the library on Baker Street

Later in the garden, I added two of the many “cats that are not really ours, yet eat and sleep here all the time”, these two are known affectionately as Car Alarm and Car Alarm II (after the constant pitiful meowing)

…which bled into the time we had with Sarah’s sister and the girls.

…and of course Molly.

… who really, really, really (no… REALLY, really!!!), wanted to play with the cats in the back garden.

More Urban Sketching this Wednesday (Trinity Square Start again…) and next Saturday (big time!!) at the Humber Street Sesh!! Come and Join us… The link to our FB page is at the top of this post…

~ by hesir on July 31, 2012.

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