Firestarter – A Play by Dave Windass (Manchester)… a poster and stuff by me!

If you’re in Manchester this week and looking for diversion of a darker mind, perhaps this might be up your street… showing at 3MT, Afflecks Palace until Thursday, check poster (below) for times.

The designs used on this poster and elsewhere were inspired by Saul Bass (as many things are of late), I had started out with some different ideas… including a matchbook torn into the shape of a house, with the matches inside torn out and burned and leaving three untouched still in the fold, representing the principle characters… You can see my first sketch below… done at midnight, in bed, by the looks of it and photographed so I didn’t loose it.

I then refined these and turned out a few more sketches and thumbnails… dipping in to PhotoShop to create more finished looking sketches…

I sent all these off, and we eventually settled (clients preferences tying up with mine) on the Bass Type led designs.

First artwork proper of the bat was for the promo flyers, which we had thought might turn out to be printed on beermats… due to the positioning of the theatre…

Then finally the main poster…

for those of you who want to know more about the play, the program is below… and the links at the bottom of the post should take you to the other Firestarter websites.



24:7 theatre festival

Review – by Julie Taylor for RemoteGoat online

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