Self Actualisation, Creativity & Flow in Educational Projects – WIP towards my Masters Degree

Just a quick post with some sketch visuals of some thoughts I’ve been having on Creativity, “Gamification” of the Education Experience and Student Engagement.

In particular this was influenced by something Mihaly Csikszentmihaly commented on as an aside in his TED lecture on Flow.

Namely that the unconscious actions associated with the state of “Flow” is more likely to occur, or be evidenced in those who have spent time developing experience and skill in a given discipline.

"The process (the composers* hand moving byitself) that is happening can
only happen to some one who is very well trainedand has developed
…and it has become a kind of truism in thestudy of creativity that you
can’t be creating anything with less than tenyears of technical
knowledge, immersion in a particular field.

*An un-named leading US composer active in the seventies.
[the] composer describes those moments when his work is at its best…

“You are in an ecstatic state to such a point that youfeel as though you
almost don’t exist. I’ve experienced this time and again. Myhand seems
devoid of myself, and I have nothing to do with what is happening. I just
sit there watching in a state of awe and wonderment. And it just flows
outby itself.”

..and even that the “ecstatic” or “out of oneself”/removed from reality state of Flow can be learned – see video interview.

So, this first image is a detail of a larger diagram, showing Csikszentmihaly’s diagramatic representation of flow, expanded to show its possible connection to Mazlow’s Peak Experience.

The section marked experience and hindsight may also include “other phenomena” but for lack of controversies sake I left it as is.

I also added my own personal thoughts on literacy and its positioning as a scale within the engagement spectrum of Csikszentmihaly’s Flow Theory, as it is during reading that I experience Flow most often.

Below that is the wider diagram that brings in Maslow’s most well known theory of the Hierarchy of Need.

Here you can also see how a lack of skill or experience may add to the lack of engagement, in turn causing a fear of failure as outlined by Milton Glaser in his discussion over the conflicts between Professional Development and Personal Development.

Further to that ( possibly influenced by some discussion and thinking on the ideas related to “time” I’ve been having, and wave forms), the extended project after project wave form showing the repetitive “peaking and troughing” of flow that might occur within creative activity.

If anyone has any thoughts related to this, in particular these first sketch attempts at looking at these theories holistically, please feel free to contact me.

~ by hesir on July 6, 2012.

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