Temp Post – Adaptation – A Project Brief


Assignment 5 – Adaptation 

Assignment title: “ADAPTATION” – Digital Storytelling & Presentation


Assessor: Gareth Sleightholme, Dave Eccles Start date: 05/03/12 Finish date:

Principal Learning Unit coverage: 49, 46 & 44

Unit 49 – Specialist Illustration using Computer Applications

P1, P2, P3

M1, M2, M3

D1, D2, D3

Unit 46 – Digital Storytelling

P1, P2, P3, P4

M1, M2, M3, M4

D1, D2, D3, D4

Unit 44 – Website Design

P1, P2, P3, P4

M1, M2


“ADAPTATION” – Digital Storytelling & Presentation.


People who develop ideas in the realm of Entertainment Media have tended to stick to tried and tested, conventional methods of presenting and marketing their ideas, Presentation Boards, Storyboards, even card models etc, but leaps forward in accessible technology has allowed for much more sophisticated methods for the “PITCH”ing of these ideas; many of which can be delivered online and so to clients across the globe.

Creatives also use some of this online technology to keep clients and other interested parties (fans, other creatives etc.) up to date with their work output; creative blogs/twitter/and other social media and portfolio websites etc being very popular amongst professional Design for Entertainment Media practitioners. See the blog of Jake Parker at http://agent44.com/blog2/ (full website at www.agent44.com).

See this video presentation of an idea about square beer.



In this project we will ask you to consider the ADAPTATION of an EXISTING idea, story or theme from an original performance event, opera, stage play, film (live action or animation) or computer game (other media will be considered in consultation with your tutors).

You will then develop this idea into a NEW NARRATIVE in a different form/medium.







NB: Your adaptation can take non-visual material and develop it into a visual form, but not vice versa, this is a visual course after all.

This will ultimately be presented in the form of a “DIGITAL PITCH” that will culminate with your work being presented from an online location.

Week 1

You will need to research in depth the idea, story or theme taken from an existing media (a novel, a film, play or opera, a piece of music, radio play, myth, etc) in order to understand fully the various elements that will need to be adapted or designed.

You will also be asked to explore and research existing or prior examples of such adaptations from one media to another that you feel have been successful and alternatively any you feel have failed, reviewing in written form, making notes and visuals to support your opinions in your “day books”. This should include research into practitioners and illustrators who use digital technology in their work.

You should before the end of week one have chosen your idea/adaptation and begun developing imagery to explain how your idea might work.

You should be keeping a record of your progress online, either expanding on an existing web based project or blog (as started with Kevin) or creating a new development blog for this project (using and expanding an existing one would be better for you).

Week Two

You will then present at the beginning of week two (in the Monday Session) a “one-line Pitch” of your Adaptation.

eg. “A musical stage adaptation that takes the premise of the game “Bioshock”, setting it to the music of Phantom of the Opera, or “Taking the Opera “Tosca” and turning it into a Board Game”.

…alongside a longer proposal (no more than one side of A4, no less than half) and any preliminary designs and visuals.

Weeks Two, Three & Four.

This mini-pitch will then be elaborated upon. Working towards a final, expanded presentation of your idea.

In your Pitch you should consider the use of Storyboarding; Concept Art; Photo-Story; Film; Comicbook/Sequential Art and Animation/Animatics and importantly, Sound/Foley*.

*The above italicised terms should be explained in your annotated work with visuals of researched examples and some discussion of how they may be used to present a Pitch or Adapted Idea.

With the above research in mind you are asked to develop a narrative piece that captures the essential mood of your Adaptation based on your overview of the entire project as you envisage it, making notes on the some of the specific elements you would have to consider in your adaptation and developing visuals that will sell your idea to potential investors.

FINALLY – Week Four – You will need to present your idea digitally. Any overviews, storyboards, sequential illustration and enhanced imagery will be presented digitally from a blog or website of your making.

This can be done as a WordPress Site (using your existing blog if you have one), a set of Wix Pages (using your existing Wix site if you have one), with links to your Youtube Channel etc. Or with negotiation with your tutors you can use other software such as Flash/AfterEffects/Premiere etc to develop a presentation (in this case this must then be uploaded and presented from an online location).

You should consider the use of technology and online media by creative professionals and the pros and cons inherent in the use of such technology. These should be

Ideally, the entirety of your project could be presented online, sketches being scanned and posted etc.


Advised Reading:

Magazines: Design Week, Computer Arts, Imagine FX, Cinefex.

Online resources: Coroflot, Deviantart, ImagineFX (site), and CGTalk, and theartofthetitle.com


Ongoing Project Checklist                                                                                                Tickboxes
Project Section Evidence Begun Completed
1 Any initial thoughts/early development – plus online development work.    
2 The development of a web-based presence to host your Pitch idea – Wix, WordPress, Coroflot etc.    
3 An agreed idea including ONE-LINE PITCH.    
4 A longer proposal, no more than one side of A4 discussing the main ideas and key elements or plot points in your “Adaptation”.    
5 Visual Design Development – Sketch storyboards, Concept Art, etc.

Developmental Design sheets – 10 x A3 +

6 Digital Storytelling devices – Computer enhanced storyboards edited into an animatic; animated images etc    
7 Evidence of exploration of appropriate sound/Audio-Visual work.    
8 Research on prior Adaptations / and Digital Illustration practitioners.    
9 Examples of Digital Storytelling/ including examples of moving image/time-based media & sound.    
10 Presentation of your online Adaptation idea.

Finished Presentation Sheets online equivalent of no less than – 3 x A3 +

11 Annotations of development work.    
12 Final Evaluation Document looking at both your idea your working methods and your development and use of a web presence as a presentation tool.    
13 Completion of a short two or three day mini-project starting in week 2 or 3.    

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