Inspirational Creatives – 3D

Just a quickLinkDump of some of the things we’ve been talking about in the Games Design studio of late with the students and each other…

Marek Denko – a 3D modeller with a personal remit that goes beyond environments for games and film, having produced 3D illustrative work for science/engineering magazine covers as well.

Check out his jaw dropping showreel here:

Other 3D related stuff included a look at the making of the visual effects for things like Boardwalk Empire: – Series 1 & Series 2

…and the Making Of Game of Thrones

…including those beautiful, ever changing titles.

For any of you interested in this kind of work or the the sort of work you see in great blockbusters like Iron Man, the Harry Potter movies, John Carter and Joss Whedon’s (AWESOME!) recent Avengers movie, you might be interested to know that the lion’s share of creative work done on these movies is done right here in the UK.

Go check out the video and info on the Skillset page HERE related to VFX. Or download their excellent (industry consulted) handbook HERE.




~ by hesir on May 11, 2012.

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