The 10 Metre Doodle Project (Version 1 – “All those things…”) Part 002.

“The digital revolution, he argued, would bring comics closer to their roots cave paintings. Yes, cave paintings. The ancestors of printed comics drew, painted and carved their time-paths from beginning to end, without interruption, … the infinite canvas.”

– Scott Mcloud

Of course Scott no doubt meant the way an internet window allowed a single image to become a piece of time-based media… like this piece here and this piece here. As well as the infinite canvas both Macro and Micro as shown in this excellent website…

Meanwhile, as discussed here and here… the giant lining paper roll continues to be filled…

So, continuing beyond the Space-monkeys and the various robots fighting dinosaurs… we are onto what seems to be the classic and not so classic saucer section…

Along with grizzled Space- Pirates…

And of course the ever-present tentacles…

Photos like these are beginning to bring home the ridiculous immensity of the task at hand… :/

Still, now only about 7 and a half meters to go…

Click the images to enlarge!!!

~ by hesir on May 8, 2012.

One Response to “The 10 Metre Doodle Project (Version 1 – “All those things…”) Part 002.”

  1. […] …as for me, I set up in an ad hoc kinda way (I kinda just turned up with stuff), and brought my comics as they stand, some sketchbooks, my portfolio of comics and concept work, and the old 10Meter Doodle roll… […]

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