Masters Research in Action – Visualising Educational Concepts… for Educationalists

Some notional sketches for a colleague looking at the difference between Modules and Projects regarding the development, planning and streamlining of Curriculum Models at HE level.

There can it seems be some occasional confusion as to the hierarchy, relationships and nomenclature related to “Projects” and “Modules” within the curriculum, and further the naming of modules and the breadth of content therein.

This visualisation on the left (below) was produced as part of a simple look at projects from different subjects being able to fit into modules that have a general or broad remit.

The image on the right was looking at visualising the modular potential of work a colleague and I have been developing as part of the Games Design and Animation Craft & Media Technology sessions, and the teaching materials ability to be used in a flexible manner across various courses and situations.

Below is an early sketch for the above.




~ by hesir on April 18, 2012.

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