“Food Vendor…” (Games Design & Animation Production Design) Mini-Brief:

Animation/Games Design Mini- Brief 6 – “Food Vendor” – Visualisation – Character/Environment/Vehicle, or Prop and Object Design.

  • Required:
    • Sketches/screenshots and final image/render (full colour or line work/blocking out), grey-blocking to full 3D render, or model set.
    • …or, if concept or asset design is your goal, 3D modelling or Set Design is not necessary in this project for your portfolio remit;


    a – Games – i – A design for a mobile “food vendor”, plus ii – a rationale of how a “food vendor” could be used in a game concept, fully explored, descriptive outlines, with rough visuals and gameplay/mechanics discussed.

    b – Animation – Script and Storyboard a short scene set at a Food Vendor stand, this can be purely visual (no dialogue), or a conversation piece. You should consider how you use conventions of film language to develop your scene (shot breakdowns, long shot, mid shot, and close ups etc). You will still need to design your “food vendor” set elements.


    In a Game or Animation/Film, a great place to set up some character interaction (or development or important dialogue) is in the queue for, or with the owner/seller of a Food Vending establishment – after all, we’ve all gotta eat!

Of course there can be various manifestations of this all too familiar type of place, from Starbucks/McDonalds chains and other shopping mall food court walk-ups, Train/Bus station Coffee and Sandwich stalls (and other types of train station food stands), Doughnut or Roast Chestnut carts, Hot-Dog Bikes, Take-Away vans, canteens, trucks, trailers, buses, mini-buses, the beaten up Fry-up vendors on the side of the A1, and the really beaten up ones, Jane’s Café in Trinity Market here in Hull, the exotic food stalls in Camden Market, mobile coffee machines to straight forward coin-op vending machines… through to more institutionalised variations such as school/college canteen serving areas, mobile tuck-shop, curry canteens, military mess areas, prison canteens and the classic depression era soup kitchens and impromptu mobile kitchens. Great ones in movies include the Falafel Stand abused by the dirty cop in the Dark Knight movie, The Chinese food bar in Blade Runner, the French speaking ice cream seller in Ghost Dog, and probably my favourite; the Flying Noodle Shack in The Fifth Element…

So, the Brief: To develop a pre-visualization (PreViz) for a scene/environment in a digital/traditional animation or game. Without showing the person/character/creature who runs or serves at it, we would like you to develop a design of a stand alone food/drinks cart (see examples 1, 2, & 3) or mobile or walk-up stand (see examples 1, 2, & 3), that could be manned by one or two characters, maximum (you are NOT required to design the characters – though you may do so if the stand design itself is finished). As always this is to be an exercise in Character Design without the character being in shot (“in absentia” if you will), we should be able to tell what kind of service we are going to get if we where to walk up to the stand just by looking at it… (if you wish to develop a second visual with figures at the stand – please feel free, but one, as stated, must be supplied sans characters) Another element of the project will be the use of type, many of these scenarios are laden with type; sign-written, hand-written, calligraphic, computer generated fonts printed on vinyl… your design should reflect the trends associated with this type of situation in order to better CONVINCE US with your design. Remember the work we did with Graphic Design for Entertainment Media in semester 1. WE ARE NOT looking for a café or restaurant interior (or a Nighthawks style exterior – that’s another project)…  walk-ups, stands, stalls and carts or small vans only please. Of course, all unusual and unique variations on this theme WILL be applauded.

  • Preliminary sketches/screenshots/sketch models as well as final imagery and sketchbook work to shown as part of hand in.
  •  Any colour should be digital, worked over a scan of the sketchbook & posted to your blog.
  •  … a list of influences/artists who you have looked at should be submitted with examples or their work on your blog.

Even if your Food Vendor is set in an alternate reality/history or the far flung future, this would be a great chance for you to add more reference photos to your files, so get out and use your camera, find something unique rather than trawling Google and finding the images you need in two clicks – just like everyone else (it produces work so average it hurts). …and dare I suggest it, maybe get out there to Walton Street Market or a music event with a pen and sketchbook and do some observational drawing… :O For those amongst you who want to be a Concept Artist, there is no excuse for not doing this. What we DON’T want to see is you slavishly copying something that exists in the real world already. Use your reference, yes. But change, adapt, be inspired by it, don’t just copy it.

~ by hesir on April 3, 2012.

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