The 10 Metre Doodle Project (Version 1 – “All those things…”) Part 001.

Okay, so as I mentioned in an earlier post I thought I might start a large doodle using a childhood favourite, lining paper…

I haven’t really planned it so far, just started doodling and seen how it all links, I am making the concession of penciling first which allows me to over-lap and integrate the imagery a little more completely…

Beyond just drawing some of the things I wished I’d been offered as projects I’ve not even fully decided on content…

I’m now at the inking stage and not even a metre in as yet… over 9 Metres to go…

Even I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on this static showreel…

~ by hesir on March 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “The 10 Metre Doodle Project (Version 1 – “All those things…”) Part 001.”

  1. That looks absolutely fantastic you are soooo tallented.

  2. […] discussed here and here… the giant lining paper roll continues to be […]

  3. […] something fun on the side, Ululu popping up in this extreme doodle, surrounded by Tentacles, Dinosaurs and Space […]

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