Platform Doodles – Monsters & Robots!

Chimera and Classic Dome Head Robothesir, March 2012.

It was nice to get some time just to doodle some crazy stuff myself at the PlatformExpos Event

My dad used to buy rolls of lining paper like this when I was a kid, and I remember drawing epic space battles on it in biro (at least I remember them as epic) with the roll spread out over the lounge tables in the Queens Hotel where my mother worked…

This was the reason I dragged the rolls with me to the event last year and again this year.


It gave me pause for thought…

I wonder…

Why not just take a roll and fill it myself… with all the things I’d like to draw and get paid for, but don’t… just fun cool stuff…

So I went to the store and I bought two 10 meter rolls…

Watch This Space.

~ by hesir on March 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “Platform Doodles – Monsters & Robots!”

  1. Haven’t used lining paper for a while! I love how smooth and cheap it is 😛 here’s a doodle of something I did back at uni

  2. […] so as I mentioned in an earlier post I thought I might start a large doodle using a childhood favourite, lining […]

  3. […] discussed here and here… the giant lining paper roll continues to be […]

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