A Ferens Art Gallery Exhibition you should visit.

So, just a quick post to say, “Get thee to a gallery!” – particularly if Games, Games Design, Technology, or those computer generated reconstructions you see on Time Team and the History Channel are your thing.

The Ferens Art Gallery Hull is playing host to the Precious Cargo exhibition, that shows Art, Design, Music and other alternative Media students responses to selected artifacts from the Hull & East Riding Museum’s permanent collection as part of the nation wide Cultural Olympiad celebrations this year.

Amongst the responses from Graphic Design, Music, Fine Art, Textiles, Photography, 3D Design and Ceramics students (amongst others) – all from a range of courses Level 1 and Intro Diploma through to Foundation and Degree students – you can find the work of my HSAD based Year Two Games Design Students.

A digital animated flythrough of The Roman Mediterranean following the journey of a humble Oil Burner/Lamp (their selected item from the collection).

The link below shows a fraction of the vast amount of work and effort that they have put into this project; as well as the film itself as posted on Youtube.

Precious Cargo – Roman Lamp

URL – http://bestofnewmediahsad.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/games-design-precious-cargoes-heritage-rebuilding-the-past-using-games-design-technology/

Please get along to see it if you can.

Video courtesy of Alison Roebuck.


~ by hesir on March 10, 2012.

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