The Martian Seditionist – Bringing an old illustration to life…

Taking one of my old Sci-Fi photo-manipulations, “The Martian Seditionist”, and bringing it to life with a bit of animation…

With me not starting from scratch and so planning the layering of the individual elements I started by splitting the single image into separate layers in PhotoShop, and then repairing any damage that the removal of the various elements to another layer had left behind (i.e the sky behind the central space craft, and the removal of some of the lightning) finally saving the individual pieces…

I then imported these layers/elemnets onto separate layers in After Effects and began changing there various properties on the timeline… making some move over time (s0 changing the position information), making some change opacity etc.

Loads of fun…

Still some work to do on this one… I want to add rain and lightning…


Okay so I went back in and began playing with the lightening and rain effects in the Effects dropdown…

Across several different Split Layers I achieved this…

Still Some work to do before it becomes a workable ident though… but until next time.

You can see one I did earlier here.

~ by hesir on February 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Martian Seditionist – Bringing an old illustration to life…”

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