Sketch Costume Building – Hellboy part 2

Part One can be found here if you missed it…

Okay… So where was I? Oh yeah, the tail…

So… two wire coat-hangers to act as the spine, twisted around each other and secured with tape, curled into the shape of the tail as seen in my favourite painting of HB from my copy of The Art of Hellboy (see below), then rolled newspaper, secured with sellotape, thickening the tail towards the body end…

Finally, a loop at the end of the tail, to hook through my belt loop under my coat and there you have it.

Next? Okay, some of those cool details on the sleeve, the US aircorp style flower motif on the white shield, and the larger BPRD raised sword emblem.

Seeing as I couldn’t get a Mac like the brown one Hellboy wears (despite looking everywhere) I decided to use the dark-green long coat that I already own.

This made me choose to use a darker material for both logo details, as I didn’t want them looking too “in your face”.

That done, it was time for the face paint… so now for the fun bit… the beard… THE BEARD!!! OH GODS!!! THE HUMANITY!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!

That last photo kinda rocks if I say so myself… not a bad likeness… and for those of you wondering where the grey has all gone from my mutton chops, one word… mascara, no really… it works.

Then it was a little bit of last minute finish on the tail, red gaffer tape (gaffer tape, is there anything more beautiful to the scratch builder)

Plus, two pair of opaque red tights, one for the legs (natch) and the other for the arms…

… black leather glove (left hand, fingers cut down), and a set of black beads with a crucifix tied to the wrist, and my pirate boots, with the tops turned down (above).

…and voila!

Out with the girls, we had a lot of people coming up to us and asking for photos… Click to enlarge.

Occult Hero Team-up in Hull’s Old town, with Hellboy & Zatanna (Sarah).

…then being photobombed by Lara Croft (Kate).

~ by hesir on February 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Sketch Costume Building – Hellboy part 2”

  1. Fantastic, brilliant. Just a note… the two bras hung over the radiator behind you in the living room shot! Love the hand especially.

  2. the costume looks really amazing. How did you make the “horns” though? I’m trying to make them for Halloween but don’t really know how to make them. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, There is a second page of images on here (there should be a link back to part 1), and you can see I made a skull cap using cling-film and paper-mache… the horns where made from card board rolled around into a cylinder, but with the base cut at an extreme angle so it meets the skull-cap correctly…

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