Scratch Theatre @ FRuiT – New Promo Posters

Hull’s first ‘Scratch Theatre‘ night allows audiences to see new work for the stage by the region’s ever-expanding writing and performing talent, a project run by Dramatist, Writer, Award winning Blogger and all round Literati type, Dave Windass.

This is the second Poster Design I’ve been asked to create for them…

The theme of the image was based on discussions with Dave on what he described as “on a shoestring” performances, that come together at the last minute – which is probably why they are such vibrant, lively shows to see… the nature of the project and Dave’s attitude put me in mind of my early days as a designer working with Keith Sparks, and the numerous times we designed on napkins on the train with Biros, and of course the proverbial “Back-Of-A-Fag-Packet” designs of yore…  So that’s what I did… I simply took a cigarette pack*and made a toy-like model theatre from it based on the type seen below.

Some of the early sketches are here:

The model or Maquette, was made using tears and folds only, and without removing/destroying any part of the packet… You can still actually refold the box back together from what you see above.

My first poster design was linked into this theme too, being based around my “noodling” in SketchUp (3D software) to come up with a way to create a pop up theatre design. As you can see here…

Though the final one used was changed to a more peachy colour, rather than the pine green above… You can see the raw SketchUp screen grabs below…

The next poster, for Scratch Theatre 8 will hopefully be an elegant elaboration on the image below… i.e. a real cutout and keep theatre you can fold yourself… keeping with the theme of participation etc.

*I suppose thinking about it I should have been ethical and responsible and put some sort of health warning on these. I’m not a smoker myself, and of course the inside of buildings are all smoke free these days but still…

~ by hesir on January 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Scratch Theatre @ FRuiT – New Promo Posters”

  1. Great stuff, right up my street this kind of thing. Don’t worry about the health warning as I didn’t recognise the box as a ciggarette packet until I read your text anyway.

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