More 3D with card and paper (experiments in texture).

Visiting my sister’s house at the weekend I met with my great niece (12yrs old), – “Hi Edan” – who had recently (for xmas) been given whole bunch of art equipment, which is great.

She has started to keep a personal sketchbook in which she has already filled a number of pages with drawings and sketches of the dogs etc. But she also showed me her paper-craft …all made from folded paper triangles, and giving a really interesting finished texture.

The triangles can be arranged in different configurations and patterns using colours to create different finishes.

I showed this to one of my Btec students who was looking at using some paper models in the latest project… very impressed.

~ by hesir on January 10, 2012.

One Response to “More 3D with card and paper (experiments in texture).”

  1. There a lady on Etsy that makes and sells stuff like this, it’s very clever.

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