Rabbit Heart Sketches – The Interior of the Rabbit Exo-Suit.

Currently doodling out the definitive design sheets for the Exosuit for the Robot Rabbit for my and Paul Starkey’s Rabbit Heart educational game concept.

These are some early doodles of a possible look for the interior… I intend to build/design it from the inside out…

At the moment the much more organic image (no. 3) at the bottom right is the way I’m thinking of going, where she will be almost clamped into the suit, rather than the steampunk look of the other with its levers etc.

The first thumbnail of these sketches is the tiny one in the bottom left of the image…

Oh, and I’m also trying to work out the final movement and functionality of the Rabbits legs (all the doodles around the top and right side of the page).

For more on Rabbit Heart the Game, go to the Rabbit Heart blog.

~ by hesir on December 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Rabbit Heart Sketches – The Interior of the Rabbit Exo-Suit.”

  1. Is this a separate project to your MA one?

    • Yes, sorry… I use my blog across a range of projects this is a link to the educational games design project Paul and I are working on, if you want to unsubscribe and just check the MA work using the button link on the front page I’d understand.


      • Oh no, it’s all encredibly interesting. Wonderfull sketch and drawing work for the Rabbit stuff. I am impressed and interested.

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