The Design Studio Visual WIP – (Some Early Masters Degree Visualisation Sketches)

One of the ideas that inspired the core theme of my Master Degree was the idea of showing visually the holistic overview of how design might work outside the college institution; where marks, whether passes, merits or distinctions, flexible deadlines and “how pretty is my handwriting in my project folder?” are not the key concerns.

A large visual on a wall of a classroom that shows the interconnectedness of different design disciplines and where the taught modules and units fit into that matrix.

This early sketch above shows the origin of my idea, here a freelancers drawing board is show feeding work into the larger design studio… working in this way there are expectations from a number of people brought to bear upon the work of the freelancer, this changes the freelancers working methods.

No longer is he/she just making pretty pictures for Granny’s Fridge.

This visual is a work in progress based upon that early sketch, each area will havea fully illustrated workspace showing the paraphenalia associated with the various specialist disciplines and the lines of communication and connection will have values attached and time constraints also allowing the student to see the implications of deadlines and finishing work to a professional standard.

There are also possibilities and practical reasons for the development of an animated interactive version of this visual at some point.

This visual is a work in progress as is the similar image dipicting the movement of a Games Design Project through a Studio.

~ by hesir on December 12, 2011.

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